Whether you want to have a unique experience or learn and refine your riding techniques on the road, track and off-road, the Ducati Riding Experience 2018 is expanding to meet the needs of all passionate motorcyclists.

Let’s start with the courses of the Ducati Academy, which since 2003 has offered training with renowned instructors and World Champions in unique locations to teach the best techniques for riding on the road (DRE Safety), track (DRE Racetrack) or off-road (DRE Enduro), all in the name of fun.

For those who want to spend a few days riding their favourite Ducati exploring captivating places in the Land of Motors, the Dream Tour offers an unforgettable journey on enchanting roads that wind through the hills of the Tuscan and Emilian Apennines, together with a visit to the Ducati factory and museum in Borgo Panigale.

The big new development of 2018 is the Adventure Tour, an exclusive on- and off-road tour full of adventure, fun, good food and passion for motorcycles.